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All in one solution

Ballaxy Digital Platforms

Every Ballaxy Digital Platform comes equipped with an newsletter, user registration, popups, an online store, and more.

It's always easier with a plan. We'll help you from the brainstorming phase all the way to execution.

We've partnered with to ensure high speeds stay consistent. Web hosting included with every platform.

We protect you from those people in the world with nothing better to do than try and ruin things for other people.

Own your own online platform

Be in full control of your own personal or business branded online platform and connect with your followers & customers on a more personal level.

Reach more people with better SEO & Marketing

Put your brand in front of the people you want to see your brand.

Level after next business solutions

Use the same online marketing tools and strategies as the big companies without paying the big company price.

Document your growth

Receive monthly custom analytical and sales reports and watch your business grow from your phone.

The Process must not be ignored.

The Decision:Choose a Platform Model

Decide if and which Ballaxy Digital Platform you you would like to purchase.

Consultation Phone Call

Speak with a Ballaxy Digital Business and create a strategy that helps you maximize profits and increase interaction with your users.

Platform Construction

Using the info we collect during the consultation and supplied content, we build your platform. Process takes 1-2 weeks depending on requirements.

Finalization & Preparation

Before your platform is complete, you'll speak with a Ballaxy Technician that will explain and walk you through the functionality of your platform.

Platform Delivery

When your platform is delivered, you can use it instantly. We will make any applicable alterations and revisions withing the first 10 days at no cost.

Platform Demos

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